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How you can save money and Earth going green

As the world observes the World Environment Day on 5 June, ET Wealth examines the cost and impact of going green. Find out how you can save money, as well as the Earth, by adopting some simple measures.

Dark clouds certainly have silver linings. Barely two weeks before the World Environment Day on 5 June, the government has raised the price of petrol.

Car owners will now search for ways to curb their fuel bill-some might form car pools, while others may give up driving for good. There are more convenient ways to cut fuel consumption. Regular maintenance, for instance, can improve your car’s mileage by almost 8-10%. Why be frugal when you can be smart?

As the world observes the environment day, we decided to look at the extent of your savings if you turned into a green consumer. This issue is packed with such eco-friendly money-saving tips. The measures we suggest may not solve all the environmental problems facing the Earth, and not all of them will put more money in your wallet.

A house in a green project, for instance, costs more than one in a normal residential complex. However, these eco-friendly steps can certainly make a difference to the size of the carbon footprint you leave behind. The coming generations will thank us for taking these steps today.

Your car can save both the environment as well as money for you. Intelligent driving and simple do-it-yourself maintenance can neutralise the impact of the hike in petrol prices. Your home, and the appliances you use, can offer another option to go green. In the daytime, solar panels can soak up sunlight to generate power. After dark, energy-efficient CFLs can cut power consumption by 75-80%.

Eco-friendliness is not a shibboleth; it’s a way of life. For some, it is also a business model. A detailed analysis of whether stocks of companies associated with eco-friendly technologies are also good investments. As it turns out, going green may not be a lucrative business, but some bravehearts have managed to break the mould and are making good money.

We also look at the emerging trend of ecohotels. These hotels have adopted technologies and procedures that bring down the overall cost for the customer. Check out some of the best value-for-money destinations.

(via Economic Times)




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